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Our Company

Giemme Elettronica, founded as a joint Company in 1999, as a Company carrying out activities of repairs, testing, regeneration and assembly of small prototypes and which operated mainly in the field of fixed telephony and data transmission.

Later, is successful in expanding the range of offered services also dealing with testing and repairs of electronic cards, assemblies of finished products and for the development of small projects on electronic cards.

In 2003, the Company is transformed into a Limited Company with headquarters in Mornago (Varese).

Our working method is based on:

In identifying and proposing the best solution for better meeting the customer’s request.
In carrying out the required work.
In carrying out the processing.

The main areas of our expertise are:

E-money 90
Security 95
Telecommunications 85
LED lighting 75

Our Team

Gianni Gobetti
Gianni GobettiCo-Founder
Expert in quality control of electronic devices processes.
Fabio Maifredi
Fabio MaifrediCo-Founder
Expert in testing, repairs and design of electronic devices.