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Anti-skimming Card


The Anti-skimming Card has the following functions: Card reader nozzle integrity check. Power supply control card reader. TTL control for TCM Card. Constant control of a normally closed contact. Additional control with contact N.C., N.A. and Municipality. On the front of the Anti-skimming Card there are: Power supply connector card reader. Cable connector cable for [...]

Guillotine Active Control System for ATM


This system has been designed to actively combat attacks on the ATM with the help of explosives. It consists of a mechanical Guillotine driven by a special electronic Card interfaced with management card of the banknotes dispensing group. Its operation is studied in such a way as to avoid the introduction of explosive material inside [...]

Sop Box Anti-trapping card


The Sop Box Anti-trapping card has the following functions: Detection of potential traps for the money near the Shutter Power supply control card reader TTL control for TCM Card Constant control of a normally closed contact Additional alarm control with NC, NO and Municipality contact On the front of the Sop Box Anti-trapping card there [...]